Monday, April 5, 2010

Rebranded in 2009, Project Affinity Consultancy is ear marked as a multi-disciplinary design-led project management consultancy company in the business of fast tracked design, construction and purpose built for multinational and Malaysia based companies.

Our track records include high level lobbying, design and construction for mainly upper market residential and commercial properties in the Klang Valleys for companies listed in the Bursa Saham Malaysia.

We are established one stop consultancy group with design, construct and development capabilities. Anchored with a reputable property company, we are able to raise private capital and with its strategic partnership with financial institution and property groups such as Magna Prima Bhd, Kuwait Finance House, HongLeong Bank and amongst others.

We are specialized in providing integration of designs to include state of the art M and E, IT, structural components into the built-environment. We also provide a critical one stop solution to both local and multinational firm in making their base in Malaysia with regards to design and built facilities.

Managing problem is the core business of Project Affinity Inc. Mainly we take care of project life cycles from inception to completion.

Our approach is based on the followings: -

The core business of a development company has broaden to include other interests – called DIVERSITY. DIVERSITY will ADD VALUE if SYNERGY is achieved. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of resources. Many developers believed that to achieve SYNERGY, is to set up a special unit called PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT unit, in short (PDU), usually headed by an employed Architect. Among others, PDU roles are to bridge communications between external consultants and internal units such as setting up of brief, engagement and management of external consultants and others. Hoping that these will create SYNERGY. In reality, it doesn’t because of a lack of SPECIFIC role of SELF ACTUALIZATION.

To provide multi-disciplinary services comprising the followings: -

Civil and Structural

As a STUDIO unit for each project assigned, with direct participants from the DEVELOPER’s representative, to be involved in the DESIGN process till completion.

Project Affinity Consultancy is one of the multi-disciplinary group of company that provides in house team of Architects, Engineers, Space Planners, Builders and Interior Designers. PAC also provides Chinese Metaphysics Consultancy in FengShui for all their projects undertaking only on a request basis, by their associated company. PAC is in associate with a G7 Unlimited Class heavy construction arm to provide fast track and responsive design and built arrangement. Through its good relationship with authorities and State Bodies such as state development agencies, PAC can assists in accelerating the approvals and getting the necessary statutory approvals on behalves of the Malaysia or Multinational investors, making it a truly one stop design, build and manage center for all the property development's needs.

The traditional core business of property developments, among others, is to offer PROPERTIES (PRODUCT) for sales to the general public. In order to so, these developers engage a team of consultants led by the Architect, to provide the necessary expertise in formulating product development for sales. However, with the current PARADIGM SHIFT in demands, it is no longer properties such as housing, offices and shops that will continue to garner a niche market for the developers. The contemporary approach is to create a LIFESTYLE solutions for the general public. It is this LIFESTYLE solution that has expended the scope of services beyond the traditional consultancy expected from the team of consultants such as Architect, Engineers and Surveyors, to include Branding, Environmental Graphics, Urban Design and Others. PARADIGM SHIFT in demand required product development centralized on TOTAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTION. TOTAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTION anchored on the needs to provide for places to LIVE WORK and PLAY. Such solutions require product INNOVATION beyond the current assumed paradigm. INNOVATION can only be achieved by a team SYNERGY. SYNERGY means coming together with a common goal. This COMMON GOAL, is SELF ACTUALIZATION driven in PASSION. Only in PASSION that one can VALUE ADD.


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